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Quality Care, Expert Cleaning & Pressing E & J Dry Cleaners does its own dry cleaning and pressing, right on site!  This is important as many "dry cleaning" locations are simple pick-up sites – meaning, your precious wardrobe is being transported to some other location and at risk of being lost or damaged during transport.  In addition, the quality of service may be subpar due to staff being fully aware that they'll never interact with you, the actual customer.

Never trust a Laundromat to do your dry cleaning or shirt laundering!  That's like asking the hospital security guard to perform surgery!  Laundromats have no expertise in dry cleaning processes, and no control whatsoever over the quality of cleaning & pressing your garments receive, as they DO NOT do the work themselves!

E & J Dry Cleaners has been a leader in the dry cleaning industry for many years.  Each garment is carefully inspected for stains before cleaning.  Delicate and safe spotting agents are used to remove stains and restore life to fabric fibers.  Each piece is gently pressed by hand and goes through a final inspection phase before being returned to the customer.

Our creases on dress slacks are razor sharp to give you that ultra professional look!  Regardless of the fabric, silk, linen, rayon or cotton, we can make you look great!


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"Platinum Shirt" Service– E & J produces the best quality laundered shirt in the Twin Cities. Your shirt will always have a bright professional finish, with crisp collars and cuffs.  We thoroughly inspect each shirt, replace any missing buttons and pre-treat stains, collars and cuffs.

You can have your shirts on hangers or boxed (folded), and with any amount of starch you choose (no starch, light, medium or heavy).

 "Fluff & Fold" Service is a no-hassle, easy and affordable way for you to take care of your laundry needs.  Your items are gently washed separately, sorted, folded and seal-packaged, ready to go on your shelf.  We never wash your items with another customer's!

Why waste your precious free time doing laundry?  Typically, it costs just $15 per week!  How much is your free time worth to you!

"Fluff & Fold" Service Includes:  Bath towels, clothing and under garments

"Feather Touch" Linen Service is a convenient way to keep all of you fine linens pristinely maintained and ready for use!  Bed linens (sheets and pillowcases), and Table Linen (tablecloths and napkins)are inspected, pre-treated with a safe spotting agent, gently laundered, pressed and bundle-wrapped for storing -- ready for your next social event! 

Remember, it is always best to get items with stains to us as soon as possible.

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E & J specializes in commercial cleaning! Whatever your need, from uniforms to guest services, we can accommodate you at affordable rates!  Contact us at 651-228-9137 for a FREE Quote today!


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E & J offers special deals for all your leather & suede cleaning needs!  From suede jackets, leather coats, footwear and designer handbags, we do it all!

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Wedding Dresses– Your wedding gown receives the "white glove" treatment. Our staff will only handle you gown with white gloves. We perform gentle, expert cleaning and steam pressing of your gown.  Then, your gown is elegantly preserved with bust forms and nested in acid-free tissue, in a specially-designed, transparent window, acid-free preservation packaging.

Area Rugs– Your Area Rugs receive the royal treatment. Expert cleaning not only removes stains but also restores luster and brilliancy of colors. Each rug receives a Teflon stain-blocking treatment to help prevent future stains from being absorbed in to rug fibers.

Pillows– Does your pillow feel heavy? Well, a London study revealed that up to one-third of an unclean pillow's weight can be made up of dead skin, bugs and dust mites. In addition, pillows can become a breading ground for germs causing influenza and chicken pox.  Bring your pillows in regularly to be clean.  How much is good health worth?

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NEVER wait in line again!  Just drop-off & go!  With our Express Service, you receive your very own laundry bag with a personalized name tag, 10% off every order and 1-day service on your order.  *Orders received by 10am, will be ready the next day by 5pm!  We take care of the rest!

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